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What's new/Todo for HotLine Manager


What's New

23 marsh 2003

Version 2.00.000 has been released !

  • Translated to Brazilian Portuguese. Many thanks to Tércio Gaspar !
  • Complete rewrite of language support to allow very easy translation. Now, language specific string are stored in the database. You just have to insert 3 rows and update one file to support another language. Great job of Tércio Gaspar !


12 july 2002 Version 1.01.000 has been released !
  • Translated to French. Many thanks to Guillaume Chardonneau for his great work !
  • Added customizable case objects. The previous release was only including "setup procedure", "management rules", "Graphical User Interface", "Documentation" and "other" choices. Now, you can define your own software object to meet your need.
  • Added CSS to allow customization of Web interface. As is, you can define your own fonts and colors for web pages.


20 feb. 2001 Version 1.00 has been released.
  • Microsoft Access 97 database included.
  • Microsof SQL Server 7.0 or higher database creation script also included.




Add an "Internet Connector". To allow registered customers to query the knowledge base and to submit cases.


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