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Using an existing Language.


We provide you with some languages in database, at start English, French and Brazilian Portuguese. Each of these languages has its own population script for the SQL Server database.

To use these languages with older release, you must run the script "MS SQL Server LanguageCreation.sql" to create the Languages tables. Then, run the population script of each language you want to populate the Languages tables (see Upgrade instructions).

LangID Language Population Script File
1 English slqLangEngPopulation.sql
2 French slqLangFrPopulation.sql
3 Brazilian portuguese slqLangPortPopulation.sql

NB: The MS Access 97 database coming with the package already includes these language. Also the "MS SQL Server Create Database.sql" create the required tables and populate them with English, French and Brazilian Portuguese languages.

Including a new language in database


Languages table

Insert a new record as follow:

  • LangID -> must be a not used number
  • LangDesc -> Language description (translated). Examples: "English", "Français" or "Português Brasileiro". This description appears on the language flag in the Login page.
  • LangIcon -> name of the gif file used for language flag. Example: "English.gif". This gif file must be on the "Web\Images" folder.


LangAG, LangHN and LangOZ tables

Insert a new record in each table for the language you want as follow:

  • LangID -> must be a number previously inserted in the Languages table.
  • Other fields -> must be the translation of the English text in the English language record as it appears. Examples:
English Français Português Brasileiro
Calls for known Cases Appels pour des Dossiers Existants Chamados para Incidentes existentes
for a Software. par logiciel de Software.
has been successfully unactivated in the database. a été rendu inactif. foi desativado na Base de Dados.
If yes, steps to reproduce. Si Oui, saisir les étapes pour la reproduire. Se sim, passos para reproduzir.

You can update and run one of the language population script to easily add a new language.

Menu Images

There are eleven images in the "Web\En\Images" folder for each language. You can put your own images to translate the menus. On the database, you must to inform the name of the image.

List of the images

Table Field Example
LangAG CallsBanner en-CallsBanner.jpg
LangAG CallsMenugif en-CallsMenu.gif
LangAG CasesBanner en-CasesBanner.jpg
LangAG CasesMenugif en-CasesMenu.gif
LangAG CompaniesContactsBanner en-CompaniesContactsBanner.jpg
LangAG CompaniesContactsMenugif en-CompaniesAndContactsMenu.gif
LangHN MainMenugif en-MainMenu.gif
LangOZ SettingsBanner en-SettingsBanner.jpg
LangOZ StatisticsBanner en-StatisticsBanner.jpg
LangOZ StatisticsMenugif en-StatisticsMenu.gif
LangOZ WelcomeBanner en-WelcomeBanner.jpg



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