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HotLine Manager Features


When a help desk operator receive a call, he first choose the Company and Contact name calling the help desk, and then search the knowledge base for an answer to the contact question.

  • If an answer is found in the database, the operator can display it and answer to the contact. When finished, he just close the call to register it.
  • If no answer is found, the operator then register a new case, i.e. an incident or a new question. When he have found the answer, he can recontact the customer to explain the solution.

Here is the main features.

  • Companies and contact management.
  • Log calls and cases (i.e. incidents) and classify each case by Case Type, Severity, Priority, and other attributes.
  • Record an overview of the incident or the full details including error messages and the surrounding circumstances.
  • Record any number of calls to an incident.
  • Full searchable knowledge base.
  • Print a variety of statistics.
  • Customizable case statuses (searching a workaround, Call to 2 level support, closed or what ever you need for case management).
  • Customizable case objects (concerning setup, GUI, data management, printing, backup or what ever your application uses).
  • Include a basic accounting system.
  • Multi-user with security groups.

HotLine Manager support Brazilian Portuguese, English, French language. You easely add new language support by adding 3 rows in the database, and updating one file.

There is 3 Help Desk operator profiles.

  • Operators can only register Calls or Cases, and manage Cases (update a answer or workaround to the question or bug, update the status, update the priority...).
  • Managers have Operators permissions, but can also register Companies and Contacts (add, remove, update).
  • Administrators have Managers permissions and can manage Hot Line settings (Help Desk operators, Softwares for which customers can request support...).


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