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HotLine Manager is a software oriented help desk application designed to help support operators answering customers about questions, bugs and their workaround or any other stuf of a software.

Help desk operators use a web browser to register customers calls and query the knowledge base.

HotLine Manager works with an ASP 2.0 enabled Web Server and comes with an Access 97 database which store all the events. But you can use any other database server you want. You will find in the package a RTF document describing database specifications, and also a SQL script to create the database under Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 or higher, or any other database server supporting stored procedures.

HotLine Manager is GPL software, i.e. free to use & copy (see the GPL or HotLine Manager is also Open Source ! This means if you want to modify the software, you can !

Current version is 2.00.000 available since 23 marsh 2003.



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